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Shoes and other footwear are an important part of your overall attire and choosing the incorrect pair of footwear can destroy your look within seconds. It is very imperative for a person to judge the occasion and his overall attire to pick a correct pair of shoes. Apart from being comfortable, your footwear must be in accordance with the occasion, the weather, your foot type and should be comfortablefor you.

So, you must have got an idea as to how important it is to choose the correct pair of footwear for the overall look of your attire. In this write-up, we will be going to discuss about some of the factors which you should consider and be aware of before buying a pair of shoes.

Understand the occasion

Be it shoes for your clothes, it is very important to understand and study the occasion for choosing the perfect outfit for you so that you look the best version of yourself. So, if it is a classical function, you will have to go for the mojris, Kolhapuri, leather sandals or various other ethnic pieces. Compared to this, if you are attending a modern event, Oxfords, moccasins and other bespoke pieces can give you the perfect look.

Understand your comfort zone

Being comfortable in any attire is the first and foremost necessity. Hence, when you want to buy yourself a pair of shoes, you should check for its quality and the comfort which it gives. You should always look for the sole quality, the height of the heel and the texture of the shoes, so that it fits you like your second skin. Apart from this, you should also check for the most appropriate size so that you do not suffer from any kind of feet pain due to an incorrect size.

Check the paddings and cushion

Every shoe has a certain amount of padding which helps to get the cushion effect for your feet. This is very important because if there is a lack of cushioning in your shoes, you might suffer from joint pains or other Le muscular problems in your feet. Hence, whenever you decide to buy yourself a new pair of shoe, always check the padding and the cushioning effect by trying it once and walking with highest amount of pressure exertion.

Identify the appropriate climatic conditions

If it is a rainy day and you were a pair of sneakers, you would be called the biggest fool. Well, whenever you buy yourself a pair of shoe, you should always know about the weather and climatic conditions in which that particular pair will work the best. You can ask the shopkeeper about it or you can search for it on the internet for all the types of shoes according to a certain weather.

So, these were some of the most critical points which you should consider before buying yourself a pair of shoe. Although there are various other factors as well, but, the ones which we have discussed above will cover them all and if followed with utter compliance, you will be able to get a pair of shoe which will make you the happiest and most comfortable.

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A common saying goes as, “First appearance is the last appearance”. Courtesy to this, it is very important for a man to wear the perfect attire for an occasion as clothes are something with defines a man and his character.

People often buy expensive clothes and accessories to be the best version of themselves, but deep down the line, ignore the importance of a decent pair of shoes. A good pair of shoe is what you need to complete your look and it has the perfect ability to lift your macho by unimaginable notches.

So, imagine you have got a nice pair of Gucci suit and a posh wrist watch for a party, what will be the pair of shoes you would opt for? Well, that is a sure shot dilemma, isn’t it? There are plenty of handsome men out there who make some serious styling mistakes with their shoes and in this article, we will take you through such common shoe mishaps which Alpha men like you commit to improve your macho and make you a style icon amongst your circle.

Wearing an incorrect size of shoes

Wearing an incorrect size of shoe is much worse than wearing a wrong one. The first and foremost Idea behind wearing any Apple is to make you comfortable and in case you are wearing a wrong size of shoe, you might suffer from severe problems coma which might include pain in the hills, deformities in your feet, uneven breakage of your toenails and plenty others. So, it is advised that you should get your feet measured by a professional before buying any issue and choose the perfect pair with the correct amount of padding and clearance for the most comfortable experience.

Do not club denims with trainers

This is, perhaps, the most common blunder made by men when it comes to choose their shoes. A trainer is basically a sports shoe which are used During exercising or in the gym. But, it has been very often seen that people where a pair of sport shoes for trainers with denims and this combination kills the beauty of both the articles. A sports shoe goes very well with a pair of joggers or a sports short and if you want to wear a denim, you can easily choose between moccasins, boots and other rugged pair of shoes.

Choosethe perfect pair with a suit

Whenever you decide to wear a bespoke suit, you must be wanting to present the best version of yourself in front of your counterparts. Well, the whole idea of being the best can be ruined within a matter of seconds if you do not choose the ideal pair of shoes with it. So, if you are trying to don asharp suit, you should always opt for a pair of ideal oxfords and should avoid any other pair of formal shoes. Apart from this, you should keep an eye for the colorpallet and choose a hue which sits with the color of you suit with utmost ease.

Well, as you have seen in the aforementioned content, it is very easy to avoid such silly mistakes with your shoes. Thus, we would definitely advise you to consult a thorough professional before buying a pair so that you can utilise it to your best and share it with sheer confidence and style.

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There is no doubt that boys are judged by their shoes. Their shoes have to be clean and trendy. It leaves an ever-lasting impression in the mind of others. It also shows that you take effort and pride in the way you look. Comfort and fashion are the most important aspects to look in the shoe. Indeed, the wrong pair of shoes can often make the classiest outfit look trashy and the right pair of shoe can make the simple outfit more-catchy. So, if you want to appear stylish and trendy then you have to choose the right pair of shoes.

The unique and trendy shoes enhance your personality and style. You can be worn these shoes with anything from jeans to traditional wear. The comfortable style of shoes is suitable for most formal occasions and can be easily paired with a suit. The traditional leather varieties of shoes are perfect for a classic and polished look. The trendy shoe is a stylish and unique dress shoe with a feature of a strap across the top and buckle. The sleek design can be paired with several formal looks for everything from a business meeting to a night out.

The fashionable and popular shoe is the best choice for men appearing a polished style with more interest. Just ensure to choose a leather style with a little shine to keep the refined and stylish look. Whenever you think about dress shoe, you may not immediately think of boots, but might be you should. Because boots can give you the finishing touch to formal looks. They are often stylish and can be worn with anything from casual wear or cocktail attire.

Dress boots are the style of shoe which can be worn dressed up. They are featured with laces down the front and finish above the ankle. It is perfect for partnering with casual wear and stylish weekend wear. It looks best in black and brown leather and will add a lot of interest to your outfit.

When you are going to choose a shoe with a formal look then you will generally be looking at a shiner shoe. There are several smart and formal options which don’t shine, but if you are specific about the shoe you choose is suitable then this guide will help you. You must ensure that your shoes are darker than your trousers and if worn a belt then the colour should match with your shoes. Choosing the right pair of shoes isn’t matter of making sure you look your best. The wrong pair of shoe can be physically uncomfortable and can result to issue with your feet over time.

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